Summer is officially here and it feels a bit like we have reached a turning point at the farm.  The big push to get things planted is starting to wane just a little.  We still have a decent amount to plant yet for Fall but it seems less daunting.  The big task at hand now is to maintain and hopefully harvest everything!  The bugs and now the dry conditions are challenging us.  This season is going to be a battle no doubt, but that makes the victories a little sweeter!

The “victories” in the share this week:

English Shell Peas – we will run them through a sheller so you don’t have to, but if you prefer to shell your own we can offer them like that as well.

Sugar Snap Peas – the last week for these. Some of our favorite things seem to come and go so quickly

Lettuce –   Loose leaf head lettuce choice of red or green

Carrots – tasty young carrots.  Looks to be a bountiful harvest for a few weeks!

Cabbage – a tried and true standard green heirloom variety we have grown for years.  We also will grow red cabbage and storage cabbage for the Fall

White Beets – these are new for us this year,  a variety called avalanche that has a mild, sweet beet flavor  Let us know what you think!

Hakurei Turnips – these sweet little “salad” turnips are back in the share this week!  And hopefully again this Fall

Zucchini – I’ve never seen so many cucumber beetles as I have this year and they are doing a number on the zucchini plants.   We’ll keep on planting!  Round two is in the greenhouse now and goes outside this week.

Garlic Scapes – last week for these as well.  they keep well in the fridge so stock up!

Choice: Kale or Kohlrabi  An interesting pairing this week for choice.  Which do you think will be chosen more?  The Swiss Chard and Kale choice combo is usually close a 50/50 split in case anyone was wondering 😉  We are going to let the Chard patch size back up for a week.  Hope it rains!

The flowers are really doing their thing right now.  If you want water from us to get your bouquet back home in good shape let us know!  We can do that.

We also took the orange rubberbands off of the herb signs now.  All herbs are able to be cut with the exception of the winter savory.

Have a great week!