Well one week after we thought we’d have strawberries for a good bit longer we are actually going to call it a season and put them to bed for the year.  Some foliar diseases have wreaked havoc on the patch and the picking became extremely tedious by the end of the week.  All said though it was a great season.  Very tasty berries and everyone had 3 weeks of them despite the hard frost on April 29th, the persistent downpours, the hail threats….  We were blessed and are thankful.

We have a great crop of peas this year and this week we are doing the trifecta, Snow, Sugar Snap, and Shell peas, all in the share this week!  Which is your favorite?!?!  I like them all so much it’s hard for me to choose but I’ll say the snow peas.

I took a walk up to the upper field on Saturday morning to check in on the progress of our cauliflower.  Good news… it is looking great!  There won’t be enough for ready this week yet but soon.  The better news though is right next to the cauliflower is our broccoli that we picked already a couple weeks ago.  Much to my surprise there were side shoots coming off the plants EVERYWHERE!  It was crazy and I can’t believe I did not take a picture but I will take one tomorrow.  Heather, Jonas and I picked side shoots for over an hour.  So bonus this week Broccoli is back!  And it actually should come back one more time yet this summer with our third planting which is looking good but the groundhogs have also found it and so now the games begin…

I did a test dig in the carrot bed today and the results looked promising.

The tops were on the small side yet but the carrots were pretty darn nice so it looks like we’ll have carrots in the share this week and hopefully for the next few as well!

Here is the CSA list for the 5th week of the season.

Snow Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

Shell Peas

Lettuce Mix / Head Lettuce

Garlic Scapes




Choice of Kale or Swiss Chard

Herbs and Flowers are looking good.  Remember to give yourself some time to pick some!

Coming soon… Zucchini and Cucumbers!