We’re having a very strange year as far as when vegetables are ready to be harvested this year.  It all goes back to the very cold and snowy April followed by a very warm and wet May.  This week our two newcomers to the CSA share the carrots and the sweet peppers have two very different stories to tell.  While the carrots were outside getting buried with snow and dealing with temperatures in the 20’s, the peppers were all snug in the greenhouse until early May.  Then the weather turned very favorable for them as they were planted outside and they thrived.  So,  we have a round of very early bell peppers for everyone and we’ll get to start our harvest of carrots.  They will be baby size for a couple weeks, but every week we have them for the share they will continue to grow!  We’re also trying to stay patient with the savoy cabbage.  It’s beautiful, but I am not sure if it will be ready to harvest yet this week.  The heat and moisture though is working in our favor as far as ripening things up in a hurry.

This week the share will look close to this:



Sweet Peppers ( Bell and Frying )


Onions or Garlic Scapes

New Potatoes

Swiss Chard

Savoy Cabbage?


Frying Peppers