Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sweeter here at the farm, this week we will have special guests visiting us on Tuesday from Augusta Acres Farm.  Augusta Acres is a small sustainable farm located near the Delaware River in northeast Pennsylvania.  Todd and Susan Klikus, owners, practice organic methods, are members of Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Maple Producers Assoc.

Augusta Acres Farm produces their Pure Maple Syrup from sap collected on their farm, in small batches boiled down on a wood fired evaporator. It is a dark Grade A Robust delicious tasting syrup.
The Pure Maple Syrup is sold in sustainable glass pint and quart mason jars.
Prices are: Pint – $15
                  Quart – $24
Cash, personal check, and credit cards are accepted.
If you are a Friday member and would like to switch to Tuesday this week to meet Todd and Susan just let me know.  We are happy to have your CSA share ready for you then.  We will have their maple syrup available on Friday, but I don’t think Todd and Susan will be here themselves.
They look forward to meeting you, having you sample their syrup and take their favorite recipes home with you 🙂
As far as the vegetables go… last week’s share was so good we are going to keep it just about the same for this week 😉
3 color French filet beans
Cherry Tomatoes or an heirloom slicer!
Eggplant (Italian and Asian)
Cucumbers ( traditional and/or striped Armenian)
Zucchini (traditional green and Mediterranean)
Sweet Peppers (Green Bell, Yellow Bell, and/or Frying)
Sweet Corn (Honey Select Yellow)
and new for this week our recently harvested Garlic
After a total bummer of a year for garlic in 2017, we are back with a great looking crop!  This year we were prepared for the new pest, Allium Leaf Miner, and we kept our garlic protected under row covers till it was safe.  What a relief it was to take the covers off in June and see a perfectly healthy crop underneath!
Although, as it goes with farming, one year is always different from the next.  Last year, I am sure all our returning members can attest to the great year of melons we had.  For weeks on end we had Galia melons, Sensation Melons, Cantaloupe, Red Watermelon, Yellow Watermelon, we had melons everywhere!!!!  We were begging members to take another watermelon home with them  haha!  This year it looks like it will be quite different.  The melons were planted in May right before torrential rains and they were planted in the wettest ground we have in the field behind our pole barn.  For the first critical week of their outdoor life the plants sat in very saturated ground and struggled.  We lost a lot of them and the ones that made it lost a lot of their strength.  This week I took a good look at the plants and the fruit hanging on them.  I am coming to the realization that the melons are going to have a down year.  It’s going through things like this though that really get me amped up to get it right next year!  So… there’s always that right?!?
Whatever the harvest is…  every day, every week, every year we are very grateful and blessed!
Thanks for your support