CSA Share

Sweet Corn – Spring Treat

Cucumbers – Marketmore

Zucchini – Sunburst Patty Pan

Cabbage – Frigga Savoy

Tomatillo – Puebla Verde

Fingerling Potato – Red Thumb/Austrian Crescent

Sweet Bell Pepper – King of the North

Jalepeno Pepper

Eggplant – Galine (purple) / Pingtung (Asian long)

Yellow Beans – Concador


Lots of new arrivals in the share this week.  I’m going to venture a guess and say none as awaited for as the sweet corn.  I had my first today right out in the field.  It was absolutely delectable.  While incoherently mmm’ing in between bites, a lady walking down the street startled me back to the planet Earth,  “Bet that tastes good”, she said.   LOL!  “Why yes, yes it does”, I sheepishly said with bits of corn and juice dribbling down my chin!  Now that’s a fine summer feeling…

Not quite as familiar to everyone as sweet corn are tomatillos.  They are popular in Mexico and quickly gaining in popularity in the States.  We’ll be making some fresh salsa soon with ours and we’ll let you know how it turns out.  We’d love some feedback from our members on them also! 

The rest of the share is made up of some real summer garden classics… cukes, zukes, taters, still have them beans rolling in…. but wait…. still no tomatoes?     Ahh yea,  sorry about that!  They are just dragging their feet this year.  Lots and lots of green ones.  When they do get here, we will be knee deep in them! 

Garden Happenings last Friday:

We harvested the garlic on Friday.  By “we” I mean work share members Duane and Carol.  The husband and wife teamed up to harvest a 250ft bed of garlic and shallots.  They then placed each bulb on dry racks in the barn to cure.  While they were doing that, our apprentice farmhands Rachel and Jaclyn were digging up 100′ of fingerling potatoes.  And while they were doing that, workshare member Stephanie and my Mom were harvesting for the Friday market in Bath and the CSA.  During this time my Dad was weedwacking the fencerow and aisle ways between vegetable rows.  After this the entire gang teamed up to weed the second planting of sweet corn.  Then they weeded the fennel.  Then they weeded an onion bed. Then I think they took lunch break!  It’s a great team effort week in and week out. 

Thank You everyone!