Rain and Strawberries arrive this week.  Downright euphoria!  After surviving the driest May in 51 years we need them like never before it seems.  Unhitching the water buggy from the tractor will feel quite nice.   The drought will have some lasting effects on the early crops this year, but hopefully we can  make up for it in the summer and fall.  That is the great thing about diversification.  Some things are bound to not go so well, while others just go perfect in the same year.  We planted over 400 melon starts on Saturday.  Maybe we’ll have a perfect melon season? 

The share this week:




Spring Onions

Lettuce Mix



I think everyone can figure out what to do with strawberries, but the kohlrabi might leave you guessing.  A favorite way to eat truly fresh kohlrabi is to peel it, slice and then eat the raw pieces plain or with lemon juice.

Cooking tips:

Grate kohlrabi into salads, or make a non-traditional coleslaw with grated kohlrabi and radish, chopped parsley, green onion, and dressing of your choice.

Steam kohlrabi whole, 25-30 minutes, or thinly sliced, 5-10 minutes. Dress slices simply with oil, lemon juice and a fresh herb, or dip in flour and briefly fry.

Saute grated kohlrabi in butter, add herbs or curry.

Add sliced or cubed kohlrabi to heart soups, stews or a mixed vegetable stir-fry.

Chill and marinate cooked for a summer salad. Add fresh herbs.

Kohlrabi leaves can be used like other greens. Store the leaves and bulbs separately. The globe will last for a few weeks in plastic in the fridge


Looking ahead,  the peas are flowering, the broccoli is heading, the garlic is sending up scapes, rain is still falling and May is over!!