We are now in the 6th and final month of the CSA seasonIt’s a bittersweet time in the garden.  Disposing of the spent tomato, squash, bean, etc plants that gave us such a bountiful harvest can make you feel satisfied with what you grew, sad that it’s over… and glad it’s over all at the same time!!  In the blistering heat of July I swear you can’t wait for Fall to get here.   Then Fall arrives and you find yourself romanticizing in your head about what a wonderful month July was and you can’t wait till next year.  Anyway…

In place of all our harvested vegetables,  we started planting the rye grass seed that will cover the garden with a thick green carpet of lush vegetation to prevent soil erosion over winter and add nitrogen and organic matter to the soil.  About the only thing in the garden over winter besides the rye grass will be the garlic and the shallots which we will be planting very shortly.   As far as this week’s harvest goes, here it is…

Lettuce Mix



Neck Pumpkin

Kale / Swiss Chard / Collard Greens

Sweet Peppers

Elba Potatoes  (good storage potato)

Sweet Potatoes