The share this week…

New Red Potatoes  – these will be harvested fresh and have very delicate skins.  Store in the fridge!

Purplette Onions – petite onions with a mild, sweet taste

Escarole – Slightly bitter head of greens.  They can be eaten raw or gently cooked.

Shell Peas – A little bit of work to “husk” them, but so very worth it!

Sugar Snap Peas – A light harvest, but hopefully we’ll have enough for everyone this week.

Broccoli – A huge harvest!  How many heads y’all want?

Cauliflower – A tricky crop to grow consistently;  we have a variety of sizes to choose from!

Kale – In abundance and loving this weather.  We have extra if desired!

Carrots –  The flavor of fresh off the farm carrots is IMPOSSIBLE to beat.  Leave the bagged chlorine carrots on the shelf!

Red Beets – Back!  We gave them a week off to size up some more

Garlic Scapes – last week for these,  they store for months in a fridge so stock up because…

We got blasted by a new pest called the allium leaf miner  🙁 

Our garlic bulbs are in rough shape.  We knew we had some damage from this pest, but we were hoping it wasn’t too bad.  After harvesting a bit of garlic this week, it looks like we will have bulbs to include in the CSA but they will most likely not store very long.  For the most part, the cloves seem to be fine but the wrappers and stems are pretty tore up and this will lead to storage issues.

The allium leaf miner feasts on all members of the allium family…. onions, garlic, chives, leeks, shallots, etc     UGH!!!!    It is here to stay unfortunately.  If you are a home gardener and you lost your onions this year and you weren’t sure why….  now you know!

Here is a picture to remind us it ain’t all bad…

That is tomatoes and sweet corn looking great!  I am guessing 3 weeks away yet…

Next week though we could have some savoy cabbage!

Fight On & Have a great week!!