It’s a frosty start to week 21 of the CSA!  I think most of the vegetables came through ok.  We do have lots of frost hardy crops though for these final 3 weeks of the season.

Last week everyone received pumpkins of the decorative type.  This week everyone will be getting the good baking type of pumpkins.  We have 3 types, Long Island Cheese, Blue Hubbard, and Long Neck.

They each make for great pies, soups and muffins and can give you an ample amount of puree can then be frozen for later use.  Thanksgiving perhaps?!  They should also store well if you’d like to decorate before doing any baking.

Also new this week are two types of radishes we have never grown before.  The first one is called a Green Meat Radish.  Not exactly an appetizing name but it’s description helps out a bit…. striking lime-green flesh with deep green shoulders while the tips remain white. Fine-grained, crisp and sweet with a “distinct green-apple flavor.”   That’s from the seed catalog though so we’ll have to all see for ourselves!   The second type of winter radish we have has quite a bit more appetizing name, the watermelon radish! Remarkably sweet, delicious taste.  Excellent fresh, grated, or cubed, and made into winter salads.  Again I took this description from the seed catalog, but I gotta say I’ve never been more excited to taste radishes before!

The CSA list will look like this:

Pie Pumpkin

Winter Radishes


Hakurei Salad Turnips



Yokatta Na


Choice/Substitution Table

We do have a large amount of decorative broom corn stalks leftover from last week so if anyone needs more they will be available.

The weather forecast is 70 degrees for this Tuesday.  What a difference from last week!  I want to thank all of the members who were able to get here as fast as they could!  We were able to pack up and get back inside and out of the crazy weather by 6:00.  It was much appreciated.