Summer is officially here and it’s hard to believe but we’re already through 25% of the CSA season after this week. We have run the absolute gamut of weather so far…  90 degrees in April, freezes in late May, 45 days of no rain, followed with rain everyday with no let up in sight.  I hate to even begin and wonder what might be next!  It’s all out of our control though and we’ll continue to try and roll with the punches.

Looking at the calendar, next week Tuesday is on July 4th.  We’re going to bump the CSA pick up window time to 10:00 – 3:00.   If this is unsuitable, you can move your pickup day to Thursday or we can prepack a share for you to pick up either after or before the timeframe.  I’ll send out another reminder in next week’s newsletter.  And since next week is July 4th, now is when you’ll want to stock up on some items for the grill!

Back to this week.   The CSA share will look like:

Sugar Snap Peas

Shell Peas

Butterhead Lettuce




choice: Cabbage or Cauliflower

choice: Turnips, Garlic Scapes, or Snow Peas

We’ve been diligently picking peas in between all the storms and we have all 3 varieties available this week.  The new variety, shell peas, need to be removed from their hulls before eating.