This week a return of lettuce mix in the CSA share is joined by a couple other new tastes of Fall, Sweet Potatoes and Kabocha Squash.  The lettuce mix will be paired up with some spicy greens and the combination of the two together is called mesclun mix.  We should have a nice combination of mesclun mix and heads of lettuce from now until the end of October if all goes as planned!

The kabocha squash might not be familiar to our new members.  We have grown this variety of winter squash for the CSA the past 5 or so years and it as become another member favorite.  The kabocha is a small Japanese pumpkin that has a flavor similar to pumpkin or butternut squash but is slightly sweeter. You can use kabocha squash much like butternut in soups and stews, and baked goods.  It will store well on a countertop and does not have to be used quickly.  The variety we grow has a nice orange color that displays well… Bonus!!  😉

The sweet potatoes look like they will be plentiful and the farm crew has a lot of digging to do as we dig these by hand!



Looks like the weather will be beautiful this week and we’ll take advantage of that for sure and get digging!

The CSA will look like this:

Kabocha Squash

Delicata Squash

Lettuce / Mesclun Mix


Leeks or Onions

Sweet Potatoes

Choice Table

Herbs and Flowers