A changing of the guard is coming to the shares soon.  This week we had a bit of a surprise when we were trellising the tomatoes and saw the first of the cherry sized ones starting to blush.  It’s tough to say how many everyone will have for this week but the crop looks healthy and soon there will be a tidal wave of them!  Also, we noticed the sweet bell peppers planted right along side the tomatoes are sizing up and it looks like a little harvest of these as well for this week.  So, two of the mainstays of Summer are suddenly here joining a couple Spring season crops left to harvest and it is shaping up to be a nice share for the holiday week!

Here is what to expect:

Red Romaine Lettuce:  our lettuce will go on hiatus soon and return in September

Spinach:  we took a chance and replanted after a pretty weak harvest in May.  We’re happy we did!

Cherry Tomatoes:  rare to have them by the 4th, we have grown the orange Sun Gold tomatoes every year since 2009.  They are delish!  I think we finally settled on a red one we like called Jasper after trialing many varieties for many years.  Here they are hiding in the jungle…

Bell Peppers:  we have a traditional green and a citrus flavored yellow type just starting to ripen up.

New Potatoes:  these took the brunt of the monsoon like Spring conditions and our yield is down.  Might just be one weeks worth.  We’re happy to have any though!

Cucumbers:  looking like it’s going to be a great year for them!

Zucchini:  ditto that here!

and to round things off,




Swiss Chard

PYO Flowers & Herbs

The sunflowers are in full effect right now along a whole host of others!