Unseasonably hot and dry… That’s the situation we are in again,  sort of like May.  We have a little bit better grasp of things then we did way back when though.  We have all our crops on the irrigation drip tape except two, and those we just gave a real nice drink to tonight.   It does seem funny that once again we are watering the peas though.  Back in the Spring we were trying to save the crop when it had not received any rain in 30+days.  Now here we go again.   We didn’t have a bountiful year of peas and Heather and I didn’t get any in the freezer for winter so we threw some more in the ground for fall harvest.  Looks like some things were just not meant to be.   Although I’m not giving completely up on them.  The forecast looks decent once we get over the hump day. 

Our CSA share for week 17

Kabocha Squash

Delicata Squash

Red Torpedo Onions

Yellow Haricot Vert



Kale or Swiss Chard

Eggplant or Okra

Flowers & Herbs

Couple new items…

The kabocha squash is brand new to our CSA.  We only had the chance to try one quick recipe and that was to slice it up into fries which were very tasty.   But from what we dug up on the squash it is reportedly sweeter than butternut and versatile (soups, curries, and pies).  You do not necessarily have to peel it.    Let us know your thoughts!

The delicata squash we have grown the past three years and has become our favorite.  This one you do not have to peel.  It is great roasted and goes well with a little rosemary and maple syrup.

We also have some Italian torpedo onions and some tender & thin French yellow beans for everyone.  Right in time to replace the dragon’s tongue beans!


Have a great week!