Raindrops falling on my head

I am so glad I bought some nice rain gear last year,  It is getting a workout lately.  We had 6+ inches of rain in less then a week.  It’s not unusual for some crops to not see that much rainfall the entire time they are in the garden.  It has been nice respite from the usual chore of watering and I almost felt like we were caught up… but then on closer examination…  the tomatoes need trellisin’, the potatoes need hillin’, the peas need pickin’, and the cows need bringing round!  Truth is, from April to October we are never “caught up” with the work.  I’ve learned in farming there is always a list of 100 things that need to be done….  you just have to prioritize them.  You also need to give yourself a break from it all every now and then no matter how much work needs to be done!  

The fruits of the labor this week are:



Lettuce Mix

Red Beets


Snow Peas

Swiss Chard


Choice: Scallions or Garlic Scapes

Snap and Shell Peas are close… maybe, maybe not….

PYO Herbs




Pineapple Sage




The cilantro is really flowing…. we’ll let it go for now and we may get coriander from it.