We are at the time of year where we get to enjoy some tastes of Summer and some tastes of Fall all in the same CSA share. 

Spaghetti Squash – this is the last week we have enough for everyone, but it will move to the choice table afterwards if you are a big fan

Kabocha Squash – these winter squash can be hard to find in a grocery store because they do not yield a lot of squash per plant and they do not store very long like some others.  What you do get is what we value most,  Taste!  We will be roasting ours and tossing it in with a barley risotto soon. 

Mesclun – an exotic term for ‘mixture’  Our mix of greens will consist of mustards and lettuce.  If you like to add even more color,  I saw that the nasturtiums are blooming again!

Red Onions – very pretty red onions, almost too pretty to eat 😉

Beans – Purple and Green filet type and Dragon Tongue, a 19th century heirloom from the Netherlands

Peppers – our very productive bells and our equally productive but even sweeter heirloom frying peppers, Jimmy Nardello and Marconi

Hot Peppers – Jalapeno, Poblano, Bulgarian Carrot, Cayenne, and Hinklehatz

Tomatoes – a good season despite the tough conditions continues.  Some varieties have given up, like the Cherokee Purple and the Tiffen Mennonite.  Others, like the Amish Paste and Prudens Purple are going strong!  We will still have tomatoes for sale by the bulk amount for $1/lb  1/2 bushel = $25

Choice Table – a large selection of veggies to choose from to round off your share!

Arugula looking good.  Tempting to cut it for this week’s share…..  we’ll see what it looks like Tuesday morning!

Also coming soon…  Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Delicata Squash, Collard Greens and a whole lot more! 8 more weeks!!