The wait is over and we are all set to begin the 2021 CSA season this week!   The weather has been challenging as it always seems to be, but the crew has done a great job getting things planted and keeping them watered & weeded.  The first share will consist of:

Head of Lettuce – dense heads of buttery, sweet leaves

Green Garlic – young garlic without the bulbs.  You can use the entire plant in dishes – – raw or cooked

Radish –  a colorful “easter egg” variety and an heirloom variety called French Breakfast

Yokatta Na – Asian green somewhere in between bok choy and swiss chard and can be used to replace either kind of green in a recipe. You can use both the stems and the leaves when cooking with it.  Picture follows

Kale –  we have a good looking crop of curly green, curly purple, and the flat leaved types!

Spinach – literally bunches of nutrition!

Asparagus – the emergence of these tasty stems kicks off the harvest season at our farm every year!

Arugula –  this peppery and crisp green has some big fans but if you prefer broccoli raab instead we will have a limited supply of that as a substitute

The “pick your own” herb and flower garden will be open for members to help themselves to.  We will also have a member of our staff out there to assist.  The flowers always take a while to start producing blooms, but there are a few varieties just starting.  The irises behind the pavilion are in full bloom however and may be cut.  There are quite a few perennial herbs available to cut like chives, oregano, thyme, sage, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile.  A few of the annual types of herbs may be lightly cut.  Very light trimmings of the parsley & basil will actually help to spur new growth.  So members are encouraged to take a little snip off the top!

Looking ahead, the strawberries are blushing red and I think there is a decent chance we will have enough by next week!

In addition to the CSA shares, we will have whole chicken, eggs, maple syrup, honey, yogurt, cheese, coffee from our partnering farmers available for purchase.   We also have a new inventory of T-shirts available!  Payments can be made with cash, check, paypal, or venmo.  The pork and beef will be coming soon but will not be here for week 1.

There will be a crew member assisting with parking the first week or two until everyone becomes familiar with the farm and the routine.  Children are always welcome to our farm.  We just ask that they stay under supervision while here.

Share pick up time is from 1 – 7.  If you have trouble getting here by 7 just call/text me at 610-392-6267.  We can always let a share out in a cooler for you.  Also, so you don’t forget to pick up your share… set a reminder on your phone!  If you miss a week, we are unable to double you up on the following week.

If you have any questions let me know!

Thank you,