Sweet Potato, Radicchio + Tomato Hash with Harissa Hollandaise

  • large egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon harissa
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and warm
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 tablespoons grapeseed or olive oil, divided
  • medium sweet potatoes, coarsely grated
  • 1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
  • packed cup chopped radicchio (from 1/2 small head)
  • large eggs
  1. In a blender, combine egg yolks, harissa, lemon juice and 1 tablespoon water. Blend until well-combined. With motor running, pour unsalted butter into blender jar in a thin stream until a thick sauce forms. Season with salt and pepper and set hollandaise aside.
  2. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium-high until hot. Add sweet potato and cook, stirring occasionally, until sweet potato is crispy and charred in places, about 8 minutes. Stir in tomatoes and radicchio and cook until they are wilted and charred, 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Fry 4 eggs in remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Serve hash topped with an egg and hollandaise.


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