Whoa baby, it is dry out there.  We’re doing our best to keep things irrigated though!  The shares are not yet effected by the lack of rain, but this forecast is not a favorable one.  So, let’s enjoy this early season harvest!   I want to extend a welcome for all of the peak season (12 week long) share members to start their pick ups this week.   If you would like to wait until the originally scheduled start date of June 6th that is perfectly fine.  It might be a trade off of getting strawberries instead of a watermelon.   I’ll let it up to you.  And extending an extra week out is no problem either.  We can just prorate that week onto your share. ($23 extra)  Even just stopping in to buy a la carte is an option, but with that one I cannot guarantee you we will have every item for sale that is in the CSA share.  This week’s share will consist of:




Romaine Lettuce



Half share’s pick 2, full shares pick 4: Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, or Yokatta Na

The strawberry patch is not quite as plentiful as year’s past but we will still have enough for the CSA members… if the help doesn’t eat them!



Riding on the back of the water wheel transplanter trying to keep things growing!  Here Heather and Jonas are up in the broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower field sharing the peace!  After that are the green beans which just germinated last weekend. We gave them their first drink since then!

We’ve also been trying to keep the herb and flower garden well watered.  This week we can start to snip a little parsley.  Also the stock is in bloom.   This is our only “one cut” flower, so feel free to cut as low to the ground as you can.  There are a few other flower varieties just starting out.  These can be cut, but only in a specific way.  There will be signs out to guide you!