A chill is in the air.   Our first frost of the year is pretty much a guarantee for tomorrow night.   While almost everything left in the garden can withstand it, we will be protecting our leaf lettuce with row cover to ensure a nice bag of fresh greens for everyone through the end of the CSA season.  The impending frost will actually enhance the flavor of some of these hardier vegetables. 

We are in a race with time with our cabbage and kohlrabi.   The cabbage is just now starting to form heads.  And the kohlrabi seems to be just kind of hanging out doing not much at all.  Our spinach is looking good but is still one week away from harvest.   And members will have another opportunity for neck pumpkins next week.   This week the CSA box will consist of:

German Garlic

Lettuce Mix



Kale, Swiss Chard, or Collard Greens

Elba Potatos

Butternut Squash


Decorative Gourd