Although the heat is rather intense right now and I can’t wait for it to be over, I also want time to slow down a bit.  We did get most of our fall crops planted by now, but there are still a few packs of radish, turnips, and salad greens to get in the ground.  And if we want them to mature in time for the CSA we better hustle it up this week!  Farming is a lot of hustling.  We are always trying to beat the clock or mother nature.  When it ‘s go time around here,  you need to go, go, go!  Farming is also a gamble.  Mostly this has to do with the weather.  One never knows what mother nature will bring to the party.  If she has an early frost in store for this year, our late plantings might be for naught.   Roll the dice! 

When it all works out the rewards are great.  Tonight’s reward was big ol’ half moon slices of watermelon after a long afternoon and evening of weeding and bean picking.  I hope everyone’s watermelon was as good as the one we cut open!  We have more for everyone this week…

CSA Share

Potatoes -Maris Piper

Dragon’s Tongue Beans

Patty Pan Summer Squash

Sweet Peppers





Spaghetti Squash

Herbs & Flowers

The spaghetti squash is a new item this week.  It is fun to use as substitute for pasta.   We like to bake it, and then scoop out the strands of squash and combine with, well, anything!  Sauce, garlic, butter, peppers, herbs, etc.  A real favorite in our household!


Have a great week