School’s out and the strawberries need pickin’!  When I was a young lad these two always seemed to go hand in hand.  Just when I thought I had nothing to do but laze around the TV or a neighbor’s pool, I was informed we needed to pick the strawberries.  I guess that’s not the worst thing in the world… It sure does beat picking weeds!   This year’s crop is coming in all at once.  The early variety and late variety all together in the middle of the season.  The berries we pick for CSA we helped to grow with a neighboring farmer.  They have been treated with a preventative fungicide many weeks back and while you may want to wash the dirt and such off of them they are safe to eat right out of the box.  They sure would beat driscoll’s organic strawberries shipped from California in a taste test!

Two other new items in the CSA box this week,  Snow Peas and Garlic Scapes!  The scapes are the immature flower of the garlic plant and can be used like you would a scallion.  By cutting the scape of the garlic off we are letting the plant put all of it’s energy into the bulb.  In turn, we get to enjoy an early season sprinkling of garlic flavor in the CSA boxes.  A win – win situation!

The CSA list:

Cavendish Strawberries

Cherry Belle Radish

Winner Kohlrabi

Blizzard Snow Peas

Red Russian Kale

Valentine Rhubarb

4 variety Lettuce Mix

Garlic Scapes