Both the weather and the work at the farm is starting to cool down a bit.  A nice little respite until it will soon be time for cover cropping and garlic planting.  Until then, just a bit of garden maintenence and harvesting.  Quite an enjoyable time of the year right now.   The late summer heat last week followed by an inch of rain was rather nice for the crops.  I think we are shaping up well for the month of October.  For this week, we’ll have a 1 new addition, some return from last week, and a couple of others returning from earlier in the season…

Sweet potato

Russet potato


Lettuce Mix


Sweet Peppers


Dragon Beans


Turnip Greens

Leeks/Yellow Onions

Simple recipe for the edamame:

Boil entire bean, Sprinkle with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, Pop open bottle of beer, squeeze beans out of shell and into mouth, wash down with swig of beer.  Rinse and Repeat!