We have a big share and some big news to share with our members this week!

First the share filled with lots of the tastes of summer…

Sweet Corn – We grew a yellow variety called Honey Select this year.  It is delectable!

Watermelon – Sorbet Swirl is out first variety to ripen.  Yellow with Orange swirls and very juicy!

Galia Melon – a honeydew/cantaloupe cross.  These can be hit or miss.  When they are a hit, they are my favorite melon

Cherry Tomatoes – Orange and Red, we should have plenty this week for everyone

Beans – Purple, Green and Yellow filet type snap beans

Zucchini – I thought the patch was slowing down…  I was wrong!

Cucumbers – monster year for these as well and we have two other types growing as well

Shallots – dutch yellow variety.  These are a bit sweeter then onions. 

Sweet/Hot Peppers – Traditional green bells, a citrus tasting lime green bell, jalapeno and poblano

Eggplant – 3 varieties this year Long thin Asian type, an heirloom pink/white, and a deep purple

Cabbage or Celery or Okra

Potatoes – Kennebec variety; boil, mash, bake, or store for later!


Now the big news…

We are going to be partnering up with a dairy farm, https://fulperfarms.com/ and will be offering their artisanal cheeses, yogurt, and milk products for CSA members to purchase at our farm.  And for this week on Tuesday they will be here from 1-2 and 3:30 till close to offer a tasting of their products.  The farm crew and I tasted them on Friday and we were all very impressed with everything they had to offer.  We will send a direct email to all our members with their order sheets and farm brochure. 

Sweet Corn and Figgy the farm cat!

Have a great week,