What a pleasant surprise the strawberry harvest has been so far!   I’m still not sure we will get a 3rd week of harvest out of them, but we will surely get our 2nd round of strawberries is this week’s CSA share.  All the worry back in May after the late freeze/frost seems so long ago.

Along with the strawberries the CSA share will include

Lettuce Mix – we will probably have lettuce until the end of June

Snow Peas – not much snow this winter, but lots of snow peas to go around!

Sugar Snap Peas – edible pod peas make a tasty raw snack

Kohlrabi – kohlrabi fritters are on the dinner menu here tonight!

Broccoli – the 2nd crop of heads are ready to pick!

Heads of Romaine – gorgeous red colored romaine lettuce

Zucchini – just the start of the zucchini.  Probably one for everyone.

Choice: Scallions or Garlic Scapes

Choice: Kale or Swiss Chard

And flowers and herbs!

Note on the Stock flowers.  They are a one cut flower, so you can cut them as low as you wish to get a nice stem.

I also saw the sweet peas and sunflowers are starting to bloom.  The snapdragons are really starting to come in as well.

This week on the farming schedule we will be planting a few things in the greenhouse for a late Fall harvest already.   We also we be planting our 3rd and final rotation of sweet corn which we hope comes in right around Labor Day.  Our 1st and 2nd rotations are looking nice!  It looks like a dry week which is good for the berries but it means it’s time to start irrigating and some extra work for the farmers!