The CSA share for this week will include:

New Potatoes – best steamed, boiled, or roasted.  These Red Gold potatoes are the 1st of 4 varieties we planted this year.  Later in the season we’ll have fingerlings, russets, and a mid season purple skinned potato called harvest moon, but these are my favorites!

Beans – Yellow and Green string beans are just starting to come in.  It looks like a healthy harvest is on the way

Hot Peppers – We have some mild poblano peppers and some a little hotter like jalapeno and banana peppers to start off the pepper season.  Oddly, the bell peppers are a little further behind the hot peppers in maturity although they were planted the same time.

Carrots –  Rainbow and orange bunches once again for everyone to choose from

Scallions – these are back once again for a week or maybe two before the garlic bulbs are in the share.

Choice Cauliflower or Cabbage –  the cauliflower heads are small this year for reasons we do not know!  We will pair them up with some of the smaller heads of cabbage to choose from.

and to round off the share we’ll also have

zucchini, cucumbers, and the salad turnips.

We will have kale and swiss chard available as well but not in the CSA share this week.

There are a few things out in the fields that are oh so close to ready…

Some sweet corn, bell peppers, asian eggplant, and cherry tomatoes are ready but not yet in the numbers we need for a CSA share.  Soon!!

We now have whole chicken and chicken breast available for purchase  to go along with the pork and beef.   It’s grill season!