Tomorrow is the opening day of the Bath Farmer’s Market. This is our third season with the market and we are very excited to start the market season. Bath Farmer’s Market is unique in many ways- something you must see for yourself. This week at the market we will have 7-8 varieties of lettuce, rhubarb, and our raw honey.  In weeks to come we will have radish, peas, turnip greens and more. Check the blog for weekly updates.

Lettuces in the coldframe. These were planted several months ago. In the next few weeks the lettuces we planted in long 30′ beds will be ready to harvest.

Shelling peas with blossoms!!!! Many peas will be eaten before they ever reach the kitchen. A 50-calorie heaping handful of snap or snow peas provide iron, fiber and one-third of your daily quota of vitamin C. Peas will be harvested in a few weeks.

Cabbage growing seems to love the beautiful weather we’ve had recently.

New to make an appearance at Terra Fauna Farm FAVA BEANS. The pale green beans in the big floppy pods have been a beloved early spring food on much of the planet for centuries. Favas — also known as Windsor beans, English beans, horse beans and pigeon beans — have long been diet staples in Asia, the Middle East, South America, North Africa and Europe. The beans have a buttery texture, slight bitterness and lovely, nutty flavor. And after a long, dark winter, their fresh green color pushes you right into spring.

The chickens have been out on pasture for two weeks. Last week Heather saw a red fox being chased from the pasture by our two brave security guard Hereford cows. We are on high alert for predator surveillance.

New farm signage by yours truly Farmer Greg!!!