Anyone else beside me ready for fall yet?  Ugh, what a steamy, stifling weekend.  I felt like I actually had to wade through the air it was so thick with humdity.   Despite what ol’ Ma Nature’s been throwing at us this summer, we keep plugging along.  Growing such a diverse selection of crops, it seems there is always something that loves the weather and something that hates it.   Currently, the Okra is just loving this weather.  The heirloom Aunt Hattie’s Red Okra is now approaching 10 feet tall.  I am seriously going to need to get a step ladder out to harvest it soon.  On the other hand, this weather could not possibly be more condusive to bugs and disease.  The winter squash and 2nd planting of summer squash are begging for mercy…. and so am I! 

Here’s the rundown:

Tomatoes –  they seem to love this weather!   Gotta be a record harvest for us this year.  We still have enough tomatoes to put together 1/2 bushels for sauce.  My Mom and sister recently filled their jars!

Butternut Squash – a tad bit early for this popular fall veggie, but the plants started to die back earlier than normal with mildew.  

Okra – making Aunt Hattie proud of us!

Lettuce Mix – I just love a refreshing salad with a toasted tomato, mayo, and cheese sandwich for lunch. 

Dragon’s Tongue Beans – hands down the crispiest, juiciest bean I ever had

Kale/Swiss Chard – A Terra Fauna Farm staple

Russet Potatoes –  Fried, baked, mashed, roasted, even dehydrated–these potatoes do it all.  Ideal for light, crispy French fries.

White Wing Onions – A fantastic tasting and storing white (duh!) onion

Sweet Peppers – sweet bells and sweet bananas.  how sweet it is!

Jalepeno Peppers –   jalapenos is as hot as we can stand it!

Have a great week,