As summer breathes its last gasps, the weeds are going to seed and starting to take over certain parts of the farm.  The beans, 1st planting of sweet corn, melons, onions, squash, etc have been harvested and all that is left in their place is weeds.   I had a little bit of time left on Saturday night to start mowing them down.   It was quite a satisfying feeling!  Next on the to do list is to prepare this ground for a winter cover crop that will help with erosion control and provide nutrients for next year’s veggies.   I was already envisioning of what the fields might look like next year…. tomatoes here, corn over there, squash in between…  and with no weeds of course lol!

The CSA list

Purple Viking Potatoes

Sweet Corn – last of the year

Swiss Chard /Kale – BACK!

Patty Pan / Eggplant

Hot Peppers

Sweet Peppers

Celery – BACK with our 2nd variety of the year, an heirloom named Utah Tall

Tomatoes – still looking strong

Okra – loves this heat


Acorn Squash – NEW!