Despite the challenging Spring weather, we are still planning to start the CSA on Tuesday May 20th.   At this point it looks like the shares will be on the lighter side.  We did finally hit the upper 70s and are having some balmy 50 degree nights, and the plants are responding.  It is looking like the first box will include our lettuce mix, spinach, asparagus, & rhubarb.  It is possible there will be a mix of some other greens also.  And maybe radish too.  LOL  I guess only time will tell.  I feel like that saying “a watched pot never boils”  could be applied to CSA farming only restated ” a watched garden never grows”!

Although, I suppose I could be watching more closely.  I had a rather surprising realization the other day.  I was cultivating the peas and I noticed a 6-8 foot section that was a couple inches shorter then the rest.   I chalked it up to a spot in the garden with not as good fertility.  Then, an hour or so later when I was down close to the plants to finish weeding them by hand, I noticed why they were shorter.  Looks like Bambi has taken a liking to peas.  GULP!  We have never had deer problems here so I hope this doesn’t mean we will now.  With the woods greening up soon if not already, lets all hope they find what they need there.

I did take advantage of the nice weather to get the zucchini and sweet corn seeds in the ground.  If the weather cooperates, we should have them both in the CSA boxes a few weeks earlier then in the past. 

Also, the chickens are growing very rapidly and should be out on pasture any day now.  One thing there is not a short of is grass for grazing!

New pictures hopefully this week! 

I will be sending out individual emails soon which will include balance updates that will be due on the first pick up day. 

We shall see everyone soon!