A richness of dormant senses have emerged from winter’s slumber.  There is a fragrant aroma of lilac in the air and a whirring hum of bees buzzing.  Tastes from the garden this time of year are just starting and this year they have emerged earlier than ever.  Some of our spinach was able to withstand the winter and the asparagus is emerging from the depths of the ground. 

The true hallmark of spring is the return of color.  The skies seem bluer and the days are longer.  The flowers bloom, bursting open with color and fresh life.

Since March, the farm has been feverishly busy with preparations for this year’s CSA.  We have already planted over 20 different vegetables in the ground and there are  20 some more waiting to go in.  The past two days we have spent planting herbs and flowers for the u-pick section of our farm.  Gazania, Asters, Snapdragons, Celosia, Calendula, Nasturtium, just to name a few are planted alongside parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, and many more for our members to help themselves to each week!

We also tilled up another acre of land to make way for more veggies.  Remember to sign up for your CSA share, spots are still available.  The first CSA pick up is 4 weeks away!

Hope to see you then,

Heather and Greg

Strawberries in bloom!  We might have them by the end of May this year!!

Kale looking healthy

Lots and lots of onions.

Tomatoes and Peppers waiting in the wings of the greenhouse

Okra and Eggplant sizing up nicely

Watermelons coming to life