What to expect:

Sungold & Lucia Cherry Tomatoes



Sweet Peppers

Swiss Chard




Red Beets


Possibly another larger variety of tomato


I had the chance to attend a vegetable farm equipment demonstration run by the Penn State Extension on Wednesday.  This event was held at the Seed Farm in Emmaus which is a non profit farmer incubator program.  It was well worth my time and money.  A lot of times I find that experience is the best teacher, but I am always on the lookout for a way to speed up the learning curve.    I saw some new  (to me at least) types of garden hoes at work and placed an order for one already!  It’s called a stirrup hoe.   I’ve never been so excited to weed! 

Speaking of learning…  I’ve also learned NOT to let tomatoes go without water for a week when they are starting to set fruit.  Yikes!  We are losing alot of tomatoes to blossom end rot.  The lack of water does not enable the plant to bring up the needed calcium from the soil and blossom end rot on the fruit is the result.    We have lost nearly all of our Green Zebra tomatoes so far.  On the bright side, there are a lot more on the vines and we hope the plants are able to pull through with help from the nice rains we have received this past week.  

Quote of the Week

“Farmers are always optimists, otherwise they wouldn’t still be farmers!”  — ??