In the beginning of the year we had hopes of having enough raspberries for the CSA members.  By the looks of things, our hopes are realities!  The red and golden raspberry bushes are hanging full.  The past week or so we have been plucking them off one by one in between trips back and forth from the garden to the shed.  It’s hard to walk on by without stopping.  One of the trickiest things about raspberries is their extremely short storage life.  We recommend using them up the day you get them or storing them in a glass container in the fridge.

Let’s go from one extreme to the other.  This week, we are also going to include the longest storing onion available.  Called the Copra onion, this sweet, medium sized onion will store up to one year.  I’m not sure why we would need to store onions this long, but I’m sure any doomsday preppers out there would love that quality. 

We also dug up some more sweet potatoes this week.  This variety is called Nancy Hall.  I dug up a little more info and a brief history lesson courtesy of Slow Food USA.  Find it here:  

We love growing the varieties of vegetables you will not find in the grocery store!

Here’s the list:

Carrots – Sugar Snax

Potato – Red Sangre

Onions – Copra

Spaghetti Squash – Squisito

Kale – Blue Ridge or Swiss Chard – Bright Lights

Lettuce Mix or Endive

Beans – Dragon’s Tongue


Sweet Potatoes – Nancy Hall


Have a great week!