We are really getting into the heart of the CSA season now and some the highly anticipated crops are here!  In fact, there are so many new things to harvest and report about I am not sure where to even begin…  Let’s start with the honey harvest!

This weekend Heather and Dad took off just some of the honey the bees have been collecting since Spring and a whole gang of us helped to extract the honey from the frames and bottle it up.  Here is a picture of what we’ll have to offer this week under the pavilion…

2 lb jars, 1 lb jars, and 1/2 pound honey bears

It was a great harvest and we have plenty of honey to go around!

As for produce, Here is what the share will look like this week…

Beans  –  green, yellow, and purple filet size beans  (hericot vert)

Cherry Tomatoes – the tomato wave starts with a small ripple

Eggplant – nice size purple and perhaps a few small stir fry size

Savoy Cabbage – slightly milder and sweeter then a regular cabbage

Cucumbers – our longstanding favorite heirloom variety, Marketmore!

Zucchini – the onslaught continues LOL!  Looking for ideas?  check out our community page if you haven’t already  https://www.facebook.com/groups/137111746833888/

Carrots – carrots in a plastic bag do not stand a chance when compared to these

Sweet Peppers – we might put these in as a choice this week with something else.   We’ll see how the harvest goes

Sweet Corn – yum

I tried a couple of ears out for myself tonight!  They passed the test.  In fact, they aced it!  😉