It keeps getting wetter and wetter, but we keep on trying to roll with it right now.  Saturday morning we woke up to find a river of water running through our basement.  Oddly, we never had a drop of water in the basement since we lived here, but apparently when the water table is up get the paddles out!  We do not keep very much in our basement  except we did have almost all of the cured garlic and onions in there which most of got wet.  So that is potentially a very unfortunate loss.   The garlic we peeled and are drying it out hoping it will still be ok to plant it in the Fall.  About half the onions got wet so we have a reduced amount left for CSA members.

Here is a picture of the wet grounds around the sweet potato vines from Sunday afternoon.  Picture doesn’t quite show just how wet it is, but it was still a running stream of water Sunday through this field.  All we can do is hope this doesn’t harm them….  🙁

The red watermelons are just to the left off these guys.  Amazingly, they seemed to be doing ok.  We are going to harvest all of them out of there this week.

We worked on the basement situation all day Saturday and most of Sunday so I did not do much farming at all.  I did take a walk up to the 2nd planting of sweet corn though.  This brought a smile to my face!  Juicy white sweet corn in the share this week!

Here is a good guess on what the share will look like:

Sweet Corn – white

Watermelon – red

String Beans – purple, yellow, and green

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! – all colors 😉

Sweet Peppers



Cabbage or Fennel and maybe some other choices

Maybe Purple Potatoes if it’s not too muddy to dig them out!