Well we made it!  That’s always my feeling as we push through the long daylight hours leading up to the summer solstice.  Now every day the sun goes down just a little earlier and it also means I quit working outside just a little earlier too!  Believe it or not, we also start seeding some of our Fall crops in the greenhouse this week as well.  There is a lot of summer to look forward too though, here is a picture of one of the favorites…

Sweet Corn tasseling up!

The farmers aren’t the only ones putting in a lot of hours in the sun.  Check out what the bees did.

Cut Comb Honey, straight from the hive!

This week at the CSA pick up tables we will have cassettes of cut comb honey available for purchase.  The empty cassettes were placed in the hive by my Dad, the bees then drew out the wax comb, filled it with honey and capped it.  We have around 20 cassettes available.  Each cassette is packed full of honey and costs $10.   A tea spoon of some cut comb honey after dinner is the best!

As for vegetables, we have another nice share this week.  The new potatoes, one of my favorites, are ready to harvest.  These are some of the creamiest, melt in your mouth potatoes you will ever try!  They should be stored in the fridge till you use them.

We also are going to start to harvest cucumbers and onions this week.  The onions we are harvesting have not been cured for storage and just like the potatoes should stay in the fridge.

The share this week will look close to this:




New Potatoes

Shell Peas

Lettuce Mix

Sugar Snap Peas

Choice: Kale or Turnips

The flowers are really starting to shine in the Pick your own garden so help yourselves. We also have a lot of basil, parsley, dill, oregano and others.  Fresh herbs are a difference maker!