What a week, what a Spring.  It feels good to get to the Summer Solstice in decent shape despite all the challenges thrown at us by Mother Nature.   We are now 25% of the way through the CSA season.  It sure does go by fast.  We started some cabbage and cauliflower seeds last week in the greenhouse for a late October harvest and what started as a 7 page chart of seeds to plant in the greenhouse is now down to the final page.   Speaking of cauliflower though, we will be harvesting some real beauties this week.

This is a new yellow variety we tried for the first time and we love what the results are looking like.  We still have to taste test it though.  Let us know what you think!

We are also trying a different cucumber called the silver slicer and it looks like we will have enough of them ready to harvest this week for the CSA as well.

So with the 1st week of Summer upon us, here is what you can expect for week 6.

Lettuce – lovely lettuce this year,  really liking the cool late Spring

Cabbage – last week for the Spring crop. More in the Fall

Carrots – a rainbow of carrots for everyone!

Cauliflower – Flame Star variety, rich in vitamin A

Cucumber – silver slicer to the rescue!

Zucchini – surprise harvest last week,  hopefully the start of a bountiful season

Sugar Snap Peas – the end of the road for the peas

Shell Peas – it was a good season

Yokatta Na – asian green we had back in weeks 1 & 2

Garlic Scapes – this will be the last week for them so stock up!  Make some pesto and freeze it for the winter 🙂  Garlic bulbs coming mid to late July

Herbs and Flowers galore!

The cilantro is now in flower.  The 2nd planting was a failure, but the 3rd planting is germinated and coming along just fine.   So a few weeks off till we have good cilantro again.

Coming soon –  Green and Yellow Beans