Well I try not to atleast, but I am seeing quite a bit of mildew and fungus like problems in the garden this year.  It started on the zucchini and has now shown itself on the cantaloupe, spaghetti squash, cucumber, watermelon, even the peppers and eggplant just don’t look right.  Quite frankly, it has me worried.  We always seem to sooner or later get something that goes through the garden, but this year it seems early.  The cantaloupe were just starting to look good too.  I do believe we’ll get a harvest of all the aforementioned veggies, but the quantity of everything may suffer a bit.  Turns out, we may actually be lucky for not getting hit with all the thunderstorms everyone to the north and south were getting or our problems may be worse. 

Enough about problems though,  everyone has them!  Let’s focus on the blessings,

This week in the CSA boxes we can look forward to:

Okra!!  Yea!  If you’re not sure what to do with it, try it skewered on the grill

Tomatoes  – just entering the thick of this season now

Garlic –  Let’s try some Music garlic this week, it is Musikfest afterall. Robust flavor

Eggplant –  Had eggplant pizza tonight; Heather took a picture and will post the recipe

Potatoes –  Strawberry Paw/Purple Viking  colorful!

Carrots – what’s up doc?

Sweet Peppers – good grilling style peppers…  okra and sw. pepper kabobs anyone?

Basil –  Don’t forget to cut your own!

Choice of Cabbage, Kale, or Swiss Chard  –  Gotta have some greens in the share right?

Also,  my full time farming Uncle has bushels of early apples if anyone is intertested.  They are the baking/applesauce making type.  They have been sprayed.   We can include these in your share if you like.  But you have to let us know before you pick up so we can go get them!