We are loving these mild summer temperatures right now at the farm.  They make for some great working weather!  One job that is always dreaded around here is trellising tomatoes… pounding in hundreds of wooden stakes followed with running twine in and out of the rows of tomatoes and around the stakes makes for an exhausting job.  And to make matters worse, it always seems to be mega hot and humid when it comes time to get it done.  Not this year though… we just finished up the first row of strings of trellising the tomatoes and barely broke a sweat!  We also transplanted 1500 sweet corn plants into the ground & dropped another 600 Early Glow strawberry plugs into their new homes.  The sweet corn is our 2nd attempt at it this year after the seeds of the first planting were eaten away by a nasty little bug called a root maggot.   The 3rd planting of sweet corn is in the greenhouse now and has just germinated.  So hopefully we end up with a decent harvest albeit a little later in the season then initially planned.   And so it goes with the green beans, which also was lost to root maggots in mid May, but the 2nd attempt at it looks real strong!

The share this week:

Strawberries – probably the last picking of the year this week

Broccoli – the last of the Spring crop,  we’ll see it again in the Fall

Garlic Scapes – unlimited supplies!!

Cauliflower – traditional white this week and cheddar cauliflower following up the next

Cabbage – our early green heirloom variety Golden Acre, crunchy and sweet!

Kale or Swiss Chard – two CSA staples!  Our Chard had some germination/bug issues this Spring  and we have light crop.  We will replant for Fall, but for now we can offer it as a choice if you prefer it over our Kale

Sugar Snap Peas – sweet and juicy at the first crunch!

Shell Peas –  remove the peas from their hull and enjoy

Turnips – last week for these as well

Herbs: Mint, Oregano, Sage, Borage, Chives, Cilantro, Epazote, Chamomile