It’s hard to believe but the last full week of August is here already.  This will be the final week we plant seeds for veggies that will end up in the CSA shares.  We began back in late February with the onions and every week with the exception of maybe one or two, have always been planting something either in the greenhouse or directly out in the field since then.  This week we’ll plant some more lettuce seeds in the greenhouse and hopefully the ground will be dry enough we can get the arugula seeds planted outside as well.

In the CSA shares this week will be:

Sweet Corn – the 3rd and final round!

Spaghetti Squash

FIngerling Potatoes

Sweet Peppers – Bells and Red Frying Peppers

Tomatoes – they definitely will not be happy after this rain 🙁

Hot Peppers – jalapenos and poblanos galore! We will have them in pints or quarts this week


Kale – it’s back!

We’ll also have okra which we’ll have available to choose as a substitute for any of the items.

Check out all these Monarch Butterfly chrysalis’s!  Jonas has taken his annual butterfly project to another level this year.   Every time he brings in milkweed to feed the caterpillars he already has, he finds more!

One last round of delicious sweet corn for 2021.  So bittersweet!