Spring has come to an end and has taken the strawberries along with it.  While that is a bit of sad news, it’s good to think about what we have in store down the road….  tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, and plenty more!   Here at the farm, the farmhands will be busy harvesting, weeding, turning over old spent crops back into the ground and planting new ones.  It’s a very busy time!   For the CSA Shares this week, we will be harvesting…

Zucchini – What would Summer be without zucchini coming in droves!  We have two types to try out.  The traditional green and another Lebanese variety, Cousa.




Garlic Scapes

Cauliflower (Tuesday)  /   Shell Peas (Thursday)

and some choices this week:

Kale or Swiss Chard

Turnips or Red Beets

Butterhead lettuce or Romaine

The Godetia flowers are a new addition this year and are really looking nice!  A keeper for sure.  If anyone needs to grab a pre-picked bouquet we will have a couple ready for purchase.  Or if you have the time, take a stroll and pick your own bouquet while enjoying the scenery!