We finally have some good moisture back in the ground!  The Fall crops all perked up quite a bit this week and we enjoyed the relief of chasing after the irrigation routine.   The lack of rain this Summer was a bit detrimental to the growth of our seedless watermelon.  Good news is they are in the CSA shares this week, and smaller watermelons are better then no watermelons!  We also started picking the haricot vert which are a more slender, filet type of bean with a succulent flavor and very tender.   Tomorrow, we’ll start digging up the magic molly fingerling potatoes. It’s a stunningly purple variety best suited for roasting, baking, sautéing, or boiling.  Personally, I find these to be the absolute best roasted potato ever!

The CSA share will look like this

Seedless Watermelon

Haricot Vert

Magic Molly Fingerling Potatoes

Delicata Squash



and a choice table!

We may be able to pick enough tomatoes for everyone as well.  They have started making a comeback!