The CSA shares begin this week for members who have joined for the entire 23 week season.  We’ve had quite the roller coaster of weather this Spring,  a very warm and wet April followed by a dry and windy May with a very late frost thrown in this past Wednesday just for good measure.   Despite the challenges, we will have a nice share harvested and ready to pick up.   This week we will have:

Asparagus – purple and green stems are the first things we harvest here each year

Lettuce – heads of leafy greens .  We’ll have many varieties over the next few weeks.

Green Garlic – young garlic to use like you would a scallion

Yokatta Na ( bok choy ) – Asian greens popularly used in a stir fry

Radishes – young, tender and spicy baby radishes

Kale – 4 types to choose from  Curly Green ,Curly Purple, Lacinato, or Red Russian

Dazzling Blue Lacinato Kale and Red Russian Kale pictured.





We maybe just might even have strawberries already this week!  They are ripening earlier then I have ever seen in the 15 years we have been doing this.  The question is will there be enough ripe berries for all the CSA members.  We’ll have to wait and see when we pick them Tuesday morning.

Along with the CSA shares each week, give yourself some time to peruse the herb and flower garden.  Most of the flowers and herbs are now planted but they are still too young to be picked.   This week the sage, oregano, thyme, mint and chive flowers can be picked.

As the season winds along, there will be a lot more to choose from.

In addition to the CSA share, each week there will be items from other Pennsylvania farms you can purchase with cash, check, paypal or venmo.  We stock a freezer full of meats from Gerhard Farms out of Kempton, Misty Valley Farm of Kreidersville is providing us with organic cage free eggs, Augusta Acres of Beech Lake has their pure wood fired maple syrup here, Pappy will have honey available in jars and new for this year, honey sticks!  Due to logistical changes with our previous partners we also are welcoming a couple new vendors.  We’ll have coffee beans here from Mad Catter Coffee Roasters and Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op will be supplying us with mushrooms and dairy products from a host of small farms in the Lancaster area.   This week we will have Royal Trumpet, Oyster, and Lions Mane mushrooms available along with a variety of cheeses and greek yogurt.

We will be under the pavilion to help guide you through the pick up process each week.  Please remember to bring along a box or grocery bags to pack your own share.

Please reach out with any questions.

Thank you for joining us this year!