Welcome to Terra Fauna Farm CSA 2014!!!

We will have our freshly painted 1950 Farmall Cub outside on Tuesday to help you find us.  We bought the tractor at an auction last October and it became our winter project.  Now she runs and looks good! 

The CSA share will include just what we were expecting it to.  We’ll have:

lettuce mix





We also have arugula, but the beetles have damaged it a bit.  We’ll pick some and let you decide if it’s palatable!  Actually, this goes for everything.  If there is something on the CSA list that you don’t happen to like, you will not offend us by not taking it.  We do encourage you to try new things.  I never had celeriac until a couple years ago and now would say it is one of my favorites.  Back to the arugula…. not only is it a little bit beetle bitten it is also a quite pungent & peppery little leaf.  Probably not something everyone enjoys!  But it is a versatile green and allows for some kitchen creativity.

My wife, Heather, is looking up some rhubarb recipes at the moment.  She will be posting a sweet recipe and a savory recipe under the recipe tab.  I love a traditional rhubarb pie, but it sounds like I’ll be trying our rhubarb in a not so sugary dish this week. 

We love hearing from our members on recipes they have tried. 

One more thing before pictures…  We have a long forgotten about facebook page that we’ll be updating soon.  We will sort of be keeping it geared more towards the Bath Farmers Market but feel free to follow along and chime in there as well.  The blog here will always be where to go for all things CSA.


4 varieties of loose leaf lettuce in our mixture:

Peas don’t eat me deer!


Kohlrabi in a week or two

Up close and personal with the oak leaf lettuce

If anyone has questions about Tuesday or Friday don’t hesitate to call or email or text!