Pardon my poke at the Brits but we have a couple of new items for the CSA share this week that are most popular across the pond and I could not help myself.   Our mid season potatoes are ready for harvest and they are a variety called Maris Piper.  They are the most popular main crop variety grown in the U.K. Renowned for its part in the Brits’ famous “fish and chips.” The oval tubers have a cream skin and the flesh has a floury texture.  They are best used for fries and baking.  Our next new item this week is the Dragon’s Tongue Beans.  These originated in 18th century Netherlands though not the UK.  The original cultivar has never been manipulated and thus maintains its heirloom status – a plant whose original seed has been passed down for generations! 

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We are putting together half bushel baskets of our Amish Paste tomatoes for sauce making.  If anyone would like to add there name to the list as interested let me know.  They are $20 for 20+ pounds.

It was a lovely, lovely week of weather finally.  Cheers to that!