What a winter!  I can’t even say we survived it yet because it sure doesn’t seem it’s over.  Despite the cold temperatures and snow we found a small window of opportunity to get some ground turned over at the new farm.  Here are some pictures…

Setting up the plow to the tractor

Fighting over who gets to drive!


The fields have been in grass hay for 7 years and were somewhat of a mystery as to how good the ground would be as far as rocks were concerned.  So far… so good!  We were hoping to get started a few weeks earlier, but mother nature always has her way and so we wait.  Perhaps, later this week we will finally get some seeds in the ground. 

Here is a picture of some of our onions

This was taken back in the beginning of March.  Along with our broccoli…

I see green!!!!

CSA sign ups have been strong and we thank everyone for supporting us and keeping their food dollars local.