These 90 degree days of summer are inevitable every year.  I tend to find myself dreading them at first, but coming around to eventually being thankful for them.   The heat really helps our veggies out.  The okra and hot peppers are entering into a good production and we should have enough to offer members a choice of either/or.  Our hot pepper is called Czech Black and is about as hot as a jalapeno.  If hot peppers just aren’t your thing, give the okra a try!  It is a very mild veggie, but can be used in a large assortment of ways.  The heat is helping our bigger tomatoes blush a bit, but it looks like one more week until they are ready.  This week we will have more sun golds and red cherry tomatoes. 

CSA list Week 10





Red Onion


Sweet Peppers

Green Beans

New Potatoes

Choice : Hot Peppers, Okra, or Tomatillos


Parsley, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Oregano, Chives, Mint

Rosemary needs at least a week to rejuvenate

Flowers: please do not cut entire plant.  Just the stem with a flower.  The plant will continue to bloom new flowers for everyone to enjoy all season.


On a bit of a bummer,  our Magic Molly potatoes were not the most prolific of producers.  We did however absolutely love their taste.  We will be sure to order more seed for next year!  Taste overrules lack of production in this case.  For this week we will dig up the last of our new potatoes which have been wildly productive!

Our green beans are starting to come in.  They are the first in a long line of beans for the CSA this year.  Still to come are dragon’s tongue beans, soy beans, yellow beans, a trial of noodle beans, and dry beans.  

Have a great week!