What gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately,  we deserve it!   We sort of “paid it forward”  this year with the stifling weather late in the summer.  We did actually have our first frost of the season, but it was very light and spotty…  no real damage done.  The basil and tomatoes, which were just about done so as it is, pretty much gave up with the fight last week.  We had a fantastic harvest of both.   Time to move on to some cool weather vegetables.  Our CSA list still has a few sprinklings of summer left in it though!

Kale/Swiss Chard

Lettuce Mix

Sweet Potatoes


Dragon Beans

Sweet Peppers

Acorn Squash




The beets, kohlrabi, and radish are coming in a bit “willy nilly.”  My word for not all at the same time.  We’ll have enough for everyone eventually and maybe this week.  No promises though!

The Farmer’s Market in Bath is over for the season.  All Friday members please pick up at our farm at 8142 Meadow Rd Northampton PA 18067.

Darkness is setting in earlier.  If possible, please pick up by 6:30.  If you can not make it by then we will have your box packed and waiting for you.