Despite the very challenging weather this year, we have managed to stay the course and will be starting up the CSA right on time.  Tuesday May 22 and Friday the 25th will be the first pick ups.  Whichever day you signed up for will be the day we ask you to come.  If you do need to change this day you certainly may, whether it be for 1 week or a permanent change for the rest of the season.  Just let us know!  If for some reason you will miss both days of the given week, you may gift your share to someone else like a friend, family member or neighbor.   All we ask is that you let us know in advance.

The CSA harvest will be set out under our pavilion in a market type style where you will be able to pack your own share.  Someone will always be there to help guide you and answer questions.  If there is something you know you will not use, you do not have to take it.  If there is something you might like more of, feel free to ask.  We might have extra available for purchase.  The share this week will include:




Romaine Lettuce






Yokatta Na

There is also the herb garden where you can pick your own fresh herbs to use for the week.

In addition to your CSA share,  each week will be items from other farms you can purchase.  We will carry the full line of Fulper Family Farmstead dairy products and someone from their farm will be here to offer sample tastings on week 1!  We also will have farm fresh, cage free, brown eggs from The Nesting Box.  Orders for Calaboga Grazing grass fed Angus beef and pork will be taken.  Small batch artisan organic coffee from Four Monkeys out of Kutztown will also be here each week.  We are currently out of our own honey, but have added more hives and hope for a great harvest.  And coming soon will be maple syrup from Augusta Acres in Beach Lake, PA.

If you are looking for ideas on what to do with this week’s share or would like to contribute your own to other members, we suggest you join our private Facebook page called TFF Community.  Here is the link    Members are also welcome to post their own pictures, stories or anything else you would like to share with our community!

A few more housekeeping items for week 1:

Pick is from 1-7PM.  If you are running late, call or text me at 610-392-6267.  We clean everything up after 7.  Set a reminder if you have to!!!

Bring along a box, grocery bags, or cooler, etc to pack your own share.  We do have plastic grocery bags if you forget.  We also can provide a reusable and washable plastic produce box for your CSA share.  For these, we ask a $10 deposit.  You may opt to keep the box all season long and return it at the end of October and you will receive your $10 back.

Also, as a friendly reminder, balances are due at the first share pick up.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Fresh off the farm, worry free Romaine

Rain, rain go away and come again another day!

4 types of kale to choose from this year!