We have lots of greens of all different flavors in the CSA share this week.  Peppery, Bitter, & Buttery are words that could be used to describe them.  The arugula, braising mix and butterhead lettuce have been in previous shares but new this week will be radicchio.  This is a bitter green that grows a nice head similar to lettuce.  Our variety called Indigo has a beautiful color to it!  It can be used cut into a salad but is excellent cooked as well.


Also new for everyone including me this week will be the Autumn Frost squash.  Autumn Frost F1 Specialty Butternut Squash

These beautiful squash are similar to a butternut and will store very well.  We tried growing these for the first time this year and have yet to try one out!  Let us know what you think of them.  They were prolific producers and seem like very resilient plants so if the taste is there we may have found another gem this year!

The CSA share will look like this:



Braising Mix


Autumn Frost Squash

Carnival Squash – a colorful acorn type squash

Peppers – choice between sweet bells and a variety of hots

Garlic – last appearance in a CSA share this year

Golden Beets – delicious juiced, shredded,  or roasted!