The final week of the 2020 CSA is here.  The growing season turned out to be pretty good and fairly normal in what I think most would say is one of the strangest and craziest of years otherwise.  We had a few weather events that brought on some challenges but I can’t recall a year when we didn’t have them and we certainly have had a lot of bountiful harvests to be thankful for!   Thank you to all our members, our crew, and everyone who supported the farm this year.  Hopefully everyone found it to be a sort of an oasis and enjoyed their weekly visits.  I know we all enjoyed seeing everyone, growing food for everyone, and we hope you will join us again next year for another trip around the Sun!

The final share will include:

Sweet Potatoes

Fingerling Potatoes



Butternut Squash


and a large selection on the choice table

NOTE: There is a chance we will have an open market under the pavilion on the weekend before Thanksgiving like we have had years prior, but this will depend on the weather.  This will be the last chance of the year to stock up on meats from Lancaster Farm Fresh, dairy products from Conebella, and coffee beans from Four Monkeys at our farm.  If we still have maple syrup from Augusta Acres left at Thanksgiving we will have that available but our inventory is low.  We will have honey available after the CSA is over, but you will need to call/email us ahead to arrange a time.

Thank you again to everyone!